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My name is Kali (Kay-lee)
I'm 21 years old
I'm in love with a handsome guy
Boston is my home!

INSTAGRAM: @kaliwenonah
I like Star Wars & music
Follow & send some messages to learn more about me!

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Anonymous Asked: You'd love me eventually too...

Probably not.

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Anonymous Asked: I don't know you well, but I know I could love you...

Well, I’m sorry to hear that!

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what a keeper looks like

fucking want someone like this omg

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Can the science side of tumblr explain why my ass itch

wash your fucking ass

Wash your attitude

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Boys Don’t Cry (1999)

Ugh this movie so sad I can’t even watch it anymore.

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Anonymous Asked: I love you

Please don’t. I’m a confusing girl and I’ll just make your life complicated.

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Sometimes I really wish I didn’t have my license, because every time I drive I look like I’m having an aneurism with how badly I’m freaking out on everyone around me

I go from:

To this:

In like 0.5 seconds, FLAT.

This is still one of my favorite posts I made and there should be more notes

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